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Valentine’s Day Pouches

Valentine's day lit.jpg

The objective for this activity is to increase the opportunities for identification of letters. The secondary benefit will be increased opportunities for parallel/associative play. The DRDP Categories this will focus on are: Identification of letters, letter and word knowledge.

Material/Equipment: For this activity, I will be paper plates, yarn, foam letters, foam stickers, crayons and dot markers.

Preparation: Cut the paper plates at the top. Use the hole punch to add holes for the yarn, around the edges of the plates. Thread the yarn through. Tie them off at the tops to make sure it stays closed and secure. Layout the table with the items to be used for decorations.

Procedure: Beginning: Guide child over to activity. Prompt child with color, sticker or dot marker  (i.e.: Which color? Look, a dinosaur! “S” is for Sam.). Assist child with hand over hand to hold items, if necessary. Start by turn taking if the child is unsure of what to do.

Middle: Continue hand-and- over-hand scaffolding, if needed. If child is verbal, use prompt questions like: What next? Stick it here. If child is not yet verbal then we can use sign language for prompts like “help” etc.

End: After the child has taken at least three turns, we can ask if they want to “add more” or are they “all done”. When finished, if the child is still engaged, we can hold the plate to display. A prompt question to transition to next activity could be used like “what’s next?”

Review: The Valentine’s Day pouches was engaging. I used foam letters to have the children spell out their name on the pouches. These were used to collect valentines cards. Each student that participated stayed for up to five minutes.


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