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Milk Science & Art

Sample 3 inside water table.jpg

The objective for this activity is to explore colors with use of milk and food coloring. The secondary benefit will be cause and effect/color mixing. The DRDP Categories this will focus on are: exploration of objects plus cause and effect.

Material/Equipment: For this activity, I will be using almond milk, food color, dish soap, q-tips and watercolor paper. In addition, I will use the water table. I am placing a drop cloth under the table to prevent any spills from soaking through to the carpet.

Preparation: Set-up liquid station and place a protective cover on the carpet. I will be adding the almond milk to the water table. The children will add food coloring to the milk. I will have soaked Q-tips with dish soap available for the children to stir the colors.

Procedure, Beginning: Guide child over to activity. Prompt child with adding colors to the almond milk (i.e.: Red or Blue? Squeeze blue!). Assist the child with hand over hand to squeeze drops of food coloring. Count the number of drops added. Use hand-over-hand to help child with q-tip. Start by turn taking if the child is unsure how to continue the activity. 

Middle: Continue hand-and-over-hand scaffolding with q-tips, if needed. If child is verbal, use prompt questions like: What next? Let’s add more color.  If child is not yet verbal then we can use sign language for prompts like “help” etc. 

End: After the child has taken at least three turns, we can ask if they want to “add more” or are they “all done”. When finished, if the child is still engaged, we can dip a sheet of paper into the mixture. This will create a unique piece of art for the child. We will use this for a project in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we can place these on display once they dry. If child stays engaged, we can add rubber ducks into the milk and continue to swirl the colors. A prompt question to transition to next activity could be used like “what’s next?”

Review: This activity was a success. All the children participated and several spent at least fifteen minutes engaged. Throughout the activity, we had opportunities for parallel play, color awareness and cause and effect. I will definitely repeat this activity!

sample 1.jpg


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